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Wicked Builders, LLC prides itself on creatively designing a residence that meets your unique requirements.  Want that addition but can't envision how it might look?  No problem, we can create the architectural plan and share a real life 3D rendering that walks you through every room of your future home, right down to how the sunlight will hit your new windows.  Need to renovate a kitchen but aren't sure how to do it economically?  We've done it.  Or maybe you'd like a nice pool cabana house that blocks out the sun and offers alternative bathroom facilities.  We've designed that too. 

Why Pay for a Design?

We can work with you to determine your specific, individual needs, create a detailed design plan, and then construct your dream.  This is just one more way that we offer integrated services - from inception to move in - that makes your project feel seamless.  Here are some of the other benefits:

  • More accurate estimations because it matches exactly what you want

  • Reduced time and cost later, during the construction process, due to unforeseen change orders.  Planning what you want and knowing what you are signing up for up front, can save you potentially thousands of dollars later because you can see room additions, colors, flooring choices, and anything else, live.

  • Comprehensive project management of the development of the design and then construction of your house, coordinating all subcontractors so you don't have to.  Realizing your vision is our mission.

  • An invested partner who knows the intricate details of your design, because we worked with you to help create it.

  • A personalized, custom space with your lot or existing home in mind.

Sample Design

Here is just one sample of a plan Wicked Builders, LLC created for a client who, in addition to some major renovations, requested two additions, new front and rear decking, and all new electrical, plumbing, and heating, as well as unique ADA features to accommodate an aging relative for first level living.  Naturally, the client was able to experience a live rendered walk thru of her new home - as if she were actually inside the house - prior to the creation of this document. 

Sample layout page 1.png
Sample layout page 2.png
Sample layout page 3.png
Sample layout page 4.png
Sample layout page 5.png
Sample layout page 6.png
Sample layout page 7.png
Sample layout page 8.png
Sample layout page 9.png
Sample layout page 10.png
Sample layout page 11.png
Sample layout page 12.png
Sample layout page 13.png
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