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Fully insured
Home Improvement Contractor # 191859
Lead paint certified

Anthony Tasselari

Owner & President

Anthony grew up with a hammer in his hand, as soon as he was old enough to hold one. At the age of 17, soon after graduation, he was constructing apartment complexes and getting indoctrinated into the world of residential construction by local contractors who quickly saw his potential and mentored his skills.  Fate then hit and Hurricane Katrina changed the course of his life.  While most young boys his age were flipping burgers or filling shopping bags, Anthony flew down to Mississippi and teamed up with a local bank to rebuild hundreds of demolished homes for victims who suffered from the devastation of that storm.  Some needed minor renovations of flooring or siding replacements, others required entirely new homes, built from the ground floor up, often times in places where homes were little more than piles of rubble in waist-deep flood zones.  Over the course of five years, he helped families who otherwise would have found themselves homeless, live in better, sounder, and sometimes, new homes.

Word of his craftsmanship quickly spread and Anthony decided to open his own firm, Wicked Builders, back in his home state of Massachusetts, so that he could raise his now young and growing family.  He's been helping residents acquire their dream homes ever since by offering:

  • Guaranteed, quality craftsmanship*

  • Free estimates and consultations

  • Design planning

  • Project management oversight

  • Licensing and insurance

For a personal consultation and free estimate, please feel to call the Wicked Builders office at 774-707-1000 or 978-512-0723.

* Wicked Builders, LLC offers a one year limited warranty on services performed and systems installed

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